Industry Supported Sessions – General Information

Industry Supported Sessions – General Information

The information presented here is subject to change.
Final guidelines and deadlines will be as published in the Industry Symposia Manual
you will receive approximately 3 months prior to the event.

Symposium Title and Program

If you have already finalized the speakers who will give a talk in your symposium, please share with us their details as soon as possible. Kindly submit the speakers’ names by Tuesday, January 9, 2024.  Please specify country and email address for each speaker.

Please submit the final symposium program using the attached Agenda format via email to the Industry Coordinator Diyana Yosifova at: as early as possible and no later than Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Please note that the content, faculty, and program of the symposium is subject to the review and approval by the Organizers as done for the previous AD/PD™ Conferences.

AD/PD™ one speaker lecture policy with regards Industry speakers: A speaker may now present one talk in a Scientific CME accredited session and one talk in an Industry session; however, he/she is limited to speak in one industry session only. In other words, the same speaker is not allowed to speak in two different industry sponsored sessions, so it is important to check that your speakers have not already accepted to talk in any other industry session when inviting them for your session.

Please ensure your speakers are aware of above policy before accepting to talk in your symposium.

The proposed program should include:

  • Session Title (up to 110 characters including spaces)
  • Session Description (up to 200 words. Hyperlinks can be included).
  • Speaker Presentations Titles
  • Timing – duration of each speaker presentation and full timing of the agenda
  • Speaker/Moderator Full Name
  • Speaker/ Moderator Country
  • Speaker/ Moderator E-mail
  • Speaker/ Moderator Affiliation (optional)
  • Speaker/ Moderator Bio and Photo (please see specs below)

Please see below specs for Speaker Bio and Photo.

  • Speaker Bio – up to 200 words.
  • Speaker Photo – 180×240 px, JPG Format

In case of any changes to your symposium title or program after the initial submission, please update the Industry Coordinator Diyana Yosifova at:

Industry Symposia Timetable

Important notes:

  • Industry Symposia are not included in main event CME/CPD credits.
  • In order to support you in the best possible way, please share your plans and requirements with us. This information is invaluable for the success of your session. Please liaise directly with the Industry Coordinator.
  • We recommend arriving early to set up the hall prior to the start of your Symposium. A member of the Kenes Operational team will be available onsite should you need any assistance.
  • Handouts are allowed to be distributed at the entrance to the Symposium hall; however, it is NOT permitted to place materials on the seats inside the hall.
  • Printed tent cards placed on the head table are allowed and should be produced and provided by supporter.
  • We ask presenters to follow the time schedule precisely in order for the day’s events to run smoothly. An updated program can be found on the AD/PD™ 2024 Conference Website.
Catering/ F&B
  • Catering is exclusive to Silva Carvalho Catering and should be ordered in advance.
  • Supporters who wish to order Lunch boxes for their symposium or any food and beverages for their meeting/hospitality room are welcome to do so directly with Silva Carvalho Catering. Kindly contact Ms Ines Oliva at
  • Catering Order Form: click here to download
  • Deadline: Friday, February 9
  • Lunch boxes can be taken into the symposium halls.
  • Other arrangements – upon request. If you would have any different F&B request for your symposium, please contact the Industry Coordinator first, so we can check for you.
  • If you are considering having catering during the symposium, please note that additional charges will be applied for cleaning the hall immediately following the session.
  • Please take into consideration that lunch and refreshments will be served in the Exhibition Hall according to the Meeting timetable (click here for the most updated timetable)
  • If you are planning to offer catering together with the symposium, it is recommended to indicate this in all publications (as long as it is in line with the supporter’s internal compliance policy.)
Speaker's Expenses

As indicated in the sponsorship agreement, the supporting company, in addition to the support fee, must cover all speakers’ expenses, including registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses. This also applies in the case where the Sponsored Symposium speakers have already been invited by the Conference.


We strongly recommend scheduling a technical rehearsal in the hall itself and testing the Presentations during that rehearsal. Please make arrangements directly with the Conference Audio Visual Coordinator, Mike Perchig at: A technical rehearsal is offered free of charge; however additional charges may apply, depending on hall availability, rehearsal requirements and overtime of the technicians.

Please bring the PowerPoint presentation/s on USB Memory stick and load it on one of the Meeting computers in the Speakers’ Ready Room during Speakers’ Ready Room opening hours and no later than 2 hours before the start of the Symposium.

As previously mentioned, we strongly recommend scheduling a technical rehearsal and testing the presentations during the rehearsal. Please make arrangements directly with the Meeting Audio Visual Coordinator.

If you are using a PowerPoint presentation (or any other PC-based application), please note that you have to deliver it on a USB Memory stick to one of the technicians in the Speakers’ Ready Room as soon as you arrive at the Venue in the morning – and at least 2 hours before the start of the session.

Please note that only meeting computers are used in the session halls. These are supplied with Office 2019 (at least) and the native ratio of the projection on the screens in the halls is 16:9. The meeting will not be able to support lecture slides presented on personal computers.

If you include video clips in your PowerPoint presentation, be sure to test it with the technician in the Speakers’ Ready Room at least 2 hours before the start of the session or as soon as you arrive at the venue in the morning. Please make sure to check it with the technician in the session hall where your lecture is taking place, during a coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 30 minutes before the start of the session – even after checking it in the Speakers’ Ready Room.

To use MAC presentations on the PC compatible meeting computer, please note that you need to prepare it according to the instructions below, before taking it to the speaker room:

Convert it to PowerPoint or PDF. Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (Special characters might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint-based PC). Insert the images as JPG files (and not TIF, PNG or PICT – these images will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC).

As previously mentioned, we strongly recommend scheduling a technical rehearsal and testing the presentations during the rehearsal. Please plan directly with the Meeting Audio Visual Coordinator.

Symposium Signage (Optional)

Symposium supporters have the option to create signage promoting their symposium according to the below guidelines. The symposium signage should be produced by the supporter. Please make sure to follow the guidelines specified at the beginning of this section.

  1. Self-Standing Sign at the Entrance
    One stand-alone sign to be placed at the entrance of the session hall 30 minutes prior to the sessions published start time.
    Please make sure to indicate the following disclosure on the sign: This session is not included in main event CME/CPD credits.
  2. Stage Banners
  • 1 x free standing vertical sign to be placed on/next to the stage. Maximum dimensions: 150cm wide x 250cm high.
  • 1 x horizontal sign placed in front the head table facing audience (exact specs to be shared in due course).
  • 1 x vertical sign placed in front of the speakers’ lectern facing audience. Except in Auditorium I which will have a digital lectern. (exact specs to be shared in due course).

The Supporter is entitled to place one sign (85cm wide x 200cm high) advertising the Symposium on the day of the session only. The sign may be placed in the exhibition area during exhibition opening hours. Please liaise onsite with the Industry Coordinator and Exhibition Manager regarding exact time and location.

Notice: Due to CME/CPD accreditation criteria, you may not place signage advertising your symposium in any other locations unless coordinated with Kenes staff onsite.

Symposium Badges

Each symposium organiser is entitled up to 10 Symposium badges which allow access to their Industry Session only. These badges will not display individual names.
Symposium badges will be prepared upon request only and can be collected at the Registration desk 2 hours prior to start of your Industry session. Symposium Badges needs to be returned to the Registration desk after the session has ended.


Free Wi-Fi will be available at the conference venue. Please be aware that public Wi-Fi capacity is limited. Therefore, it is restricted to email and web browsing activity. Should you require Wi-Fi or an internet line during your symposium, please let us know in advance and we will send you a quote.

Waste Disposal

Please note that it is the supporter’s responsibility to leave the session hall in a clean and tidy manner once the session has finished. Any items such as leaflets, banners, roll-ups must be removed from the hall at the end of the session. Any discarded waste, including promotional material, left behind will be removed by the event’s organisers at the expense of the supporter concerned.

Badge Scanner/ Lead Retrieval System

Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Readers can be a helpful tool for receiving contact information about participants who attend your session. 
We are pleased to offer you the “K-Lead” Application. Supporters can download the “K-Lead” app onto their own smart phone or tablet and transform their device into an instant, easy lead retrieval system and capture participants’ contact information with a quick scan of their badge.
Barcode readers may be rented in advance via the Exhibitors’ Portal no later than 2 weeks prior the event.

The advantages of the “K-Lead” application:

  • Effortless process using registration badge barcode.
  • Allows to immediately view the leads information.
  • Ability to insert exhibitor’s comments for each lead.
  • Ability to quickly scan delegates as they enter the session hall by using the “Quick Scan” function.
  • The application is available for download from Apple store or Google play: “K-Lead App”.

Cost per unit – EUR 600 (excluding 4% credit card charges fees, excluding VAT if applicable).
Deadline: Tuesday, February 20
Onsite rate of EUR 750 will be applied for order received after above deadline.

Please Note:

  • Device is not included. The Application should be installed on your company/personal device (tablet/smart phone).
  • In accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), Kenes Group has updated its privacy policy. You can view our updated privacy notice here.
    Kenes will not share delegate’s personal data with third parties without their consent.
    Please note that similarly to sharing a business card, presenting a delegate badge for scanning at exhibition booths or industry symposia constitutes an expression of consent to share their personal details with the company that is scanning their badge so that it may contact them in the future.
  • Barcodes on delegate’s badges contain contact information as supplied by the delegate or the agency responsible for the registration process of the delegate. We regret that in some cases, such as when group registration is completed by a company, we may not be in possession of the full contact details.
  • In addition, please note that neither Kenes Group nor the Organising Committee is responsible for the content of the information.

The Application should be installed on your company/personal device (tablet/smart phone). Operational information will be sent in due course.

To order “K-Lead” Application, please access the Exhibitor’s Portal

Onsite rate of EUR 750 will be applied for orders received after above deadline.

Blackout Policy

We respectfully request that all supporters (sponsors, exhibitors, special interest groups, and other stakeholders) comply with the conference blackout policy and refrain from holding organized meetings or events in parallel to the scientific program.

Innovative Products for Industry Symposia Onsite

Maximize your Participant Experience – Use our innovative technologies for your Symposium!

Kenes is proud to deliver a wide variety of quality onsite technology products and services.
We offer:

  • Live Streaming and many more products designed for capturing and recording symposium content.
  • Voting, Evaluations, and more products designed for increasing participants’ interaction during symposium sessions.
  • Translation services for any language are available in two options. The conventional approach involves local interpreters and the use of headphone receivers. Alternatively, we offer a cutting-edge AI-powered solution. With this innovative method, participants can access live translations and captions seamlessly by scanning a QR code on their mobile phones.

We also provide tailor made customized solutions – contact us to make it happen!
For more onsite products opportunities and price quotes – Click Here

PLEASE NOTE: All product solutions are offered exclusively by Kenes Group.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and our relevant solutions.

Please submit your order by Thursday, February 1. Orders received after the deadline will incur rush fees.