Accolades from AD/PD 2019

``Another AD/PD has come and gone! I am motivated by new ideas and new technologies on the cutting edge toward advancing our understanding of these diseases. The presentations at AD/PD clarify the 'big picture' of the mechanisms of neurodegeneration by linking research across multiple levels of analysis - from molecules, to cells and cell systems, to brain and cognition. I was struck by the depth of insight, especially in the plenary talks, and the collaborative atmosphere. I am now planning projects with two researchers in Europe I probably would not have engaged were it not for this conference.``

Taylor W. SchmitzCanada

``I have been regularly attending AD/PD since 2009 and I enjoy it tremendously. Although the conference grows bigger and bigger, there is still the same ``family`` environment which is great to be part of. AD/PD covers at least 2 gaps that are not covered by other conferences - it combines otherwise rather separate fields of yet the most prevalent neurodegenerative brain diseases that have a lot in common, and it covers both preclinical and clinical topics. I also like the conference format, where both senior faculty and junior researchers get the same time slot during the parallel sessions to cover their topic. This makes the sessions ``fresh`` and it gives young people a great opportunity to present in front of a bigger audience and discuss their work with the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the field.``

Irena RektorovaCzech Republic

``Thank you again for organizing and managing such a fantastic scientific conference. This year's AD/PD meeting was really of very high quality - in terms of scientific presentations - and it was well-run and the venue was excellent. I was delighted to be a part of the conference as a faculty member. We are clearly going through a very difficult time in our field, and the conference gave me some renewed hope that there are many potential scientific breakthroughs on the horizon.``

Peter J. SnyderUSA

``I enjoyed the meeting and found the discussion session of clinical trials that John Growdon and I moderated lively.``

Randall J. BatemanUSA

``It was an excellent meeting indeed, one of the best. The organization, the scientific content and the warm and friendly atmosphere were superb. The attention to the small details and the high scientific standards, made this meeting a great success. Keep on with the good work!``

Menahem SegalIsrael

``Thank you for this wonderful congress #ADPD2019 and for all the meetings and fruitful discussions around the ``CNS`` technologies and the @cnrsinnovation services for your industrial or research innovation projects.``

Philippe SmeltyFrance

``Congratulations for organizing an excellent and most stimulating AD/PD meeting. I enjoyed greatly the presentations, the majority of which were of high quality.``

Claudio CuelloCanada

``Thank you for another incredibly interesting AD/PD conference. AD/PD is the most informative conference for any of my research decisions and I do appreciate to have heard more female and junior speakers this year!``

Brit MollenhauerGermany

``I met many Korean participants, and they were very happy with the contents of the meeting.``

Beomseok JeonRepublic of Korea

``Thank you for yet another fantastic meeting in this series. People were enthusiastic about the meeting, made many new contacts, and will surely try to return in the future!``

Eva-Maria and Eckhard MandelkowGermany

``Congratulations! This was indeed a very successful Congress. Since some attendees knew I am on International Faculty/Organizer List, they share their comments with me. They were all very positive. They commented on good selection on venue, town, country, list of lectures, poster exposures, food, etc. In my mind, this was indeed very successful meeting.``

Zbigniew WszolekUSA

``Congratulations on another outstanding meeting. There was a balanced representation of leaders, senior and younger scientists in the field. Open-mindedly, the meeting covers all aspects of AD and PD research, permits and promotes discussions and debates. AD/PD has been the leading meeting in the field for the last 15 years. We look forward to AD/PD 2021!``

Orly LazarovUSA

``It was a great meeting @adpdnet We'll be there next year! #ADPD2019``

Suzie HarveyUK

``Time to say goodbye! I was happily surprised with the huge number of interesting talks, poster and scientists. I will return #ADPD2019``

Claudia G Almeida‏Portugal

``Thanks for another great #ADPD2019!``

An SchreursBelgium

``Thank you #ADPD2019 for a great meeting - it was great on all levels - location, organization, poster set-up, themes and academic / industry balance. I met my favorite Tau people and new ones... Looking forward to #ADPD2021``

Kristophe DiazUSA

``Great people, great science, lots of networking and an excellent organization. #ADPD2019``

Luc Buee‏France

``Thank you #ADPD2019 for allowing me to present my research and for organizing a great conference.``

Brenda MooreUSA

``Great #ADPD2019 conference, learned lots of new things and lovely to meet new people.``

Laura Jonkman‏The Netherlands

``Great meeting once again - tons of ideas to thing about and strong feeling that our research is in right tract!``

Timo MyöhänenFinland

``A big thanks to the organizers and staff at Lisbon Congress center for an amazing #ADPD2019. Great science, great company, great weather.``

Vinoy Vijayan‏Belgium

``Great time at #ADPD2019 sharing our work, learning from others and hosting new friends.``

André M. MirandaPortugal

``Great #ADPD2019 meeting! Awesome speakers and research.``

Nancy Ruiz‏USA

``This was a great #ADPD2019 meeting. As always impeccable organization.``

Marco A Maximo Prado‏Canada

``Thanks to all of the @adpdnet organizers, speakers, and participants for a fantastic #ADPD2019!``

Brett BenedettiUSA

``Congratulations to a great conference. In my view probably the best AD/PD meeting so far, wonderful talks and very well-composed sessions.``

Henrietta NielsenSweden

``It's been a GREAT experience with lots of good science @adpdnet in Lisbon. Catching up with colleagues and friends is just priceless #ADPD2019.``

Jordi ClarimonSpain

Accolades from AD/PD 2017

“Congratulations having organized another fantastic conference focusing on AD and PD. There is no doubt this is the BEST conference in the field! This time I also brought one of my graduate students to the conference and she was extremely excited about meeting many of the experts in the AD/PD research field and learning the new research discoveries made in the labs around the world.”

Ling LiUSA

“It was a great event as always and I feel it gets even better and better every single year. I really enjoyed all aspects of it.”

Irena RektorováCzech Republic

“AD/PD is at its best – CONGRATULATIONS!”

Michal NovákSlovak Republic

“I thought the ADPD meeting was terrific, better than ever. The dinner and entertainment were outstanding. The attendance at 3200 was very impressive and a true barometer of the importance of the meeting.”

Ronald PetersenUSA

“The AD/PD meeting was wonderful”

John TrojanowskiUSA

“Congratulate you on the ADPD meeting in Vienna and the entire concept! I found the meeting one of the liveliest and most engaging that I have been to in my career… The premises were bustling with scientific enthusiasm and young people keen on knowledge, research and exchange ... Bringing the two disease areas together is clearly a brilliant move.”

Werner PoeweAustria

“Congratulations on a great meeting. Looking forward to next year as well.”

Maria CarrilloUSA

“Thank you very much for your invitation for AD/PD Congress in Vienna. The Congress as always was a great success! Lots of young people and lots of enthusiasm. It is indeed nice to see it!”

Zbigniew WszolekUSA

“I enjoyed the meeting, learned a lot and met old and dear friends. Thanks for organizing it. It has been very successful and is now recognized as the premier AD meeting.”

Nikos RobakisUSA

“The meeting was terrific.”

Sam SisodiaUSA

“We also enjoyed the AD/PD meeting in Vienna. Everything was perfect - even the weather!”

Virginia M-Y LeeUSA

“As always, I enjoyed AD/PD very much. In my opinion, it is the best AD meeting on the planet! You have struck a perfect balance of basic and clinical research. Congratulations on a superb meeting!”

Robert J VassarUSA

“The meeting was likewise terrific.”

Dennis SelkoeUSA

“As always, the conference was fantastic in every respect, scientific content, novelty, organization, opportunities for interaction and networking, the conference site in the charming city of Vienna, and of course the friendly team from Kenes who chaperoned us. Congratulations to the entire team for making this happen!”

Eva & Eckhard MandelkowGermany

“…Congratulate you on another fantastic ADPD conference. It is clear from talking to my colleagues who attended for the first time this year that the conference was an enormous success. I can only imagine how much work is involved in putting together such a meeting, but you seem to excel every time.”

Donna WilcockUSA

“I thought the meeting was also excellent in that it seemed to go back to its roots in translational medicine; whether this was planned or a reflection of the dearth of promising late phase 3 trials, I don’t know, but it seems well received.”

Joel RaskinUSA

“Thank you for another outstanding ADPD meeting! We look forward to the next one in 2019!”

Orly LazarovUSA

“Congratulations with a very well organized AD/PD meeting!”

Fred van LeeuwenThe Netherlands

“The Vienna Meeting was indeed very exciting. Would like to thank you for organizing these excellent AD/PD meetings.”

Virgil MuresanUSA

”I have attended several times in the past and have always enjoyed this meeting – it seems to me just the right size and always brilliantly organized.”

Joanna Louisa JankowskyUSA

“This meeting had universally positive feedback. There were about 20 people from UCL and we had email exchanges and all said how much they had enjoyed it. No doubt the best.”

John HardyUK

“Many thanks for a fantastic conference and all great hospitality!”

Agneta NordbergSweden

“AD/PD Congress, the most prestigious meeting on neurodegenerative diseases. Congratulate you with an organization of a wonderful meeting.”

Michael UgryumovRussia

“Wanted to congratulate you one more time for organizing such a spectral and wonderful meeting that is so important for moving the field forward. Besides the outstanding science sessions, We had a great time enjoying social events.”

Berislav V. ZlokovicUSA

”It was my first attendance at AD/PD conference but was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with so many great scientists. I have now started many collaboration, thanks to you.”


Accolades from AD/PD 2015

``Congratulations once again on a terrific meeting! This really is the best meeting in the field…``

Frank M. LaFerlaUSA

``I've been pleased to participate in 4 or 5 of the AD/PD meetings. I've seen the growth…go from 300 to now 3000 and more participants. It's a testament to the quality of the scientific advancements in this area.``

John GrowdonUSA

``I would like to congratulate you for organizing such fantastic meeting which offers wonderful opportunity to establish research network among scholars having similar interests. My friends and I enjoy the meeting very much and benefit from the exciting meeting.``

Jiawei ZhouChina

``Great meeting... A real success.``

John HardyUK

``This was a wonderful Conference! The selection of topics was across the board. Lots of new information…I am looking forward to the next Conference.``

Zbigniew K. WszolekUSA

``The feeling was that we were attending a most important event, which changes the way things will be done from now on. Indeed, a wonderful achievement.``

Hermona SoreqIsrael

``It's one of the better if not the best Alzheimer meeting in terms of basic science and combination with translation science that I particularly like...``

Fred Van LeuvenBelgium

``I attend this conference because I think this is a nice mix of clinical and basics research so I am always learning… I think it's one of the best conferences.``

Jurgen GoetzAustralia

``This is a truly fantastic conference, and I would like to be a part of this gathering next time, and the time after that, and for many more years to come…After my talk, a lot of people were stopping me in the hallways expressing their support and excitement for this new direction in PD field.``

Victoria BolotinaUSA

``The recent AD/PD meeting in Nice was amazing both in its richness and in presenting new findings. The wide international participation in the meeting and high quality of the presentations made it a rewarding experience both to experts in the field and to students.``

Daniel MichaelsonIsrael

``It was a great success and it now seems to be a smoothly oiled machine that gets better as time goes by…The conference was great and the hospitality and location as always were fantastic. ``

David SmallAustralia

``We really appreciated the very high scientific quality of the AD/PD conference.``

Maï PanchalFrance

``This is a great conference and you get to hear all the latest developments in Alzheimer and Parkinson research and interact with world leading scientists and clinicians in the field.``

Stephanie Rainey SmithAustralia

``I truly enjoyed the conference – it was excellent. Very high quality.``

Peter J. SnyderUSA

``The level of assistance we have here is very high and this is the ideal forum to expose this kind of research… and also to increase our experience and knowledge about this disease. If you are interested in AD or PD, this is the place to be.``

Enrique De Font-ReaulxMexico

``This is a great meeting for collaborating with other researchers, for seeing what research other people are doing in the same area…``

Susan HendricksUSA

``The conference was excellent – I really enjoyed it so much as always! But this time much more optimistic news and promising progress!``

Irena RektorovaCzech Republic

``AD/PD has always been a very good conference focussing on Parkinson disease and I am doing Parkinson disease research and it's always a very good conference to have the most important topics of the field in one spot….``

Tim BarklesUSA

``It is by far the best meeting integrating AD and PD and even more. The high level is really impressive. Thanks again.``

Rivka InzelbergIsrael

``I learned so much, established new collaborations and have new projects in the works already… I look forward with eager anticipation to AD/PD 2017!``

Donna WilcockUSA

``Thank you again for organizing an excellent conference- we look forward to the next conference in 2017!``

Lesley McRaeUSA

``For me the ADPD is unique because of the combination of data on pre-clinical and clinical studies and research.``

Enchi LiuUSA

``I would like to congratulate you warmly for the great success of the ADPD in Nice.``

Frederic CheclerFrance